Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Actually what worry
Might not occur to you
Or not at all reflected
Actually what I'm worried
Did you know

Not the slightest change
It just has not been envisaged by you
I just record and make the number
In the vast ocean of God's power

Nor does not support
Only you're not used to just devideit
I might not be half of you
While I was breaking more than you

It's easy when eyes meet eyes
Or the tongue meets the tongue
But not if the behalfof meeting the behalf of

Do not invite me count
Due to confuse you even detailed
Especially do not invite me fantasizing
Because the imagination does not make you fall asleep

I do not dream of living in the shadows
Nor is it a piece of sweet bread that melted the saliva
Not you too are sitting pretty in the throne
Nor are standing fan oneself a stack of paper

Life, too,
Not that gently lead up to the contest
Or smiling sweetly welcoming fanfare
Moreover not a glimpse of a beautiful panorama
He will be heaven or flame
Selecting and sorting sweet lion or wild canary

You think I scared?
Property does not make me mad
But it really will pounce if you do not know his game

How deep you know me
How deep I know you
How you make me want to
How I want to make you
Happy new journey

3 komentar:

  1. Mba lia, ada tag nih buat mba.
    Post 10 facts about you. Kerjain yaa :D http://risskanza.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-fakta-riska-mbem-sastro.html

  2. Cayoo! go to be a bilingual teacher :-)

  3. Riska> bisa aja ya.
    Erna> Welcome to shifting.